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La Lechuza’s spooky story originated centuries ago in Mexican and Texano folklore. According to legend, Lechuza was a witch who practiced the devil’s magic. As a result, the townspeople murdered her. That seems reasonable to me. She returned as a creepy bird lady to exact her revenge. During the day, she appears as a witch, but at night, she becomes a bird with a woman’s face. Lechuza means “owl” in English, so you can get an idea of what we’re talking about. In essence, Lechuza is an owl lady who kills people.

Best la Lechuza Owl

She poses as a baby.Despite her disguised voice, she will cry outside your door, waiting to pounce on you and swoop you away. Here’s another bird that’s not like the others. Full-grown men have been known to be carried away by her talons. You know who was waiting for you when you find unexplained scratches on your door. That’s eek!
She will also whistle outside your window.If you’re so irritated that you open your window and bam!, she might whistle or screech annoyingly outside your window. Her claws will scratch out your eyes when she pounces on you.
She will run you off the road.She won’t hesitate to eat people in a car if she’s particularly hungry, and she’ll run you off the road so she can eat you. Perhaps you just go ahead and hit it instead of swerving to avoid hitting a bird normally?
She only comes out at night.This is pretty common for scary things. Her main objective is to kill things (mostly people) in the air or as she perches on trees. The sound of a bird screeching at night signals La Lechuza’s arrival.
Her description varies.It is described as being 7 feet tall with a 15-foot wingspan and having the appearance of an old woman. Other people describe it as an old woman with a small bird’s face. She sounds scary no matter what.

The Owl

Don’t shoot her.According to legend, if you shoot her dead, you’ll end up dead as well. What are the steps involved? You never know! Who kills people with an owl lady?
You might receive a warning from her.There have been instances where La Lechuza has shown her presence to people instead of killing them. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, no. Her presence often signals something more sinister or dangerous to come, such as a deadly hurricane or tornado. In other words, even if you see her and she doesn’t hurt you, bad things will still happen.
La Lechuza is super-duper strong.Lectures can carry a full-grown man in their talons. If you weren’t scared of them before, now you should realize that they can kill anyone.
Weather reports don’t matter to La Luchuza.Lechuzas control the weather. They are free to create incredibly dangerous thunderstorms if they wish.
You can get rid of La Lechuza.You can get rid of La Lechuza if you find that you have them in your life. Salt can be used to drive away a Lechuza, or screaming and cursing will work. However, most people can’t handle her. The chances of surviving La Lechuza are slim. If you see her.don’t blame us for warning you.
Movies about La LechuzaLove scary movies? Here are some horror movies about La Lechuza to scare yourself half to death.

The la Lechuza Owl

El Silbón

Yikes, this is a dark one! El Silbón was said to have killed his own father in a fit of rage according to Venezuelan folklore. A curse was placed on El Silbón by his grandfather after he was punished (read: tortured) by his grandfather. He was also forced to carry a sack containing his father’s bones for the rest of his life. He then released the dogs and whistled to the tune of “Do-Re-Mi.” So whenever you hear whistling in the distance, it’s El Silbón – with death by his side.

El Sombrerón

Mexican folklore portrays El Sombrerón as a short, hat-wearing creep who wears a big hat. He serenades and braids the hair of young women. The worst is yet to come. His curse is to throw dirt on their plates, rendering them incapable of eating if he truly likes them. El Sombrerón curses the young woman not to starve and to spend her life alone – never knowing love except through his songs.

El Cuco

There is a lot of similarity between El Cuco and the boogeyman. In the end, he kidnaps children, puts them in his bag, and disappears with them. Francisco Ortego is believed to be El Cuco. In the past, Francisco drank the blood of a child out of desperation to find a cure for tuberculosis. Bernardo, 7 years old, was kidnapped by him. What is the difference between a lechuza and an owl?

Luz Mala

At night, Luz Mala glows a few feet above the ground, but it is not a physical being. People whose souls were not baptized during their lives are represented by the beams. You will die if you look into the light.


This legend comes from Bolivia. As well as controlling the weather, calicos are also called weather fairies. In the dark, underground caves of the Acalica, people are not allowed to go near them. There is no doubt that they are mild monsters and rare. They resemble shrunken little men because they are so small. It’s not a vicious creature and they are generally quite mild-mannered.

La Llorona

A beautiful woman drowns her children in La Llorona, also known as the “Weeping Woman.” Her guilt brings her to drown herself. Her kids are required to be found before she can enter the afterlife when she is questioned at the gates of heaven. Therefore, she wanders constantly on earth, weeping as she searches. What’s the most frightening part? Any kid who resembles her missing children will be kidnapped, according to legend.


What is Lechuza?

Essentially, LECHUZA-PON acts as a buffer to absorb excess fertilizer and return it to the plant as needed. By storing nutrients naturally, the roots are protected from overfertilization.

What is the difference between a lechuza and an owl?

In northern Mexico and Texas, Lechuza is a popular myth associated with owls, especially barn owls. During her lifetime, an old woman shaped-shifts into an owl, La Lechuza, to take revenge on those who wronged her.

What does the owl mean in Mexican culture?

Throughout history, Mexico has considered owls to be omens of death.

What is LECHUZA weakness?

One notable way to survive an encounter with a Lechuza is by exploiting their one major weakness, salt, which is a ravenous predator that is always seeking out prey, especially humans.

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