Best Funniest Egg Puns

Best Funniest Egg Puns

It’s breakfast time. Alternatively, you could have breakfast for dinner. There’s a conversation lull. Your Pokémon-obsessed seven-year-old is going to say something. Oh no! It’s about to become a chaotic family meal. A Squirtle spiral can only be averted by you and you alone. Do you need anything? Some timely and funny jokes. There are many silly jokes you can tell. What’s the point of getting down that spiral when there are so many eggcellent egg puns and jokes out there to enjoy? You and your family will enjoy egg puns and jokes at mealtimes. We, of course, are here to deliver. You’re welcome, Mama.


Best Egg Jokes

1. Whenever you are around egg whites, you should be careful what you say.

Everyone knows they can’t take a yolk.

2. Having delivered all her eggs, how does the Easter Bunny feel?


3. What do you call a smart omelet?

An egghead!

4. When the egg escaped the chef, what did it say?

“I might whisk it and run!”

5. How do chickens stay fit?

They eggs-recipe!

6. What resources are available for learning more about eggs?

The hen-cyclopedia!

7. How do you make an egg roll?

Let’s push it!

8. In response to seeing the frying pan, what did the egg do?

It scrambled!

9. In the aftermath of being ghosted, what did the egg say?

Why are you bothering me?

10. It felt good to be able to lay a new egg. Why was that?

Because he just got laid!

11. What does Mr. Whenever I wake up in the morning to Mrs. Egg?

“Have an egg-tra special day!”

12. A boiled egg for breakfast is loved by many people for a variety of reasons.

It’s so difficult to beat.

13. Isn’t it strange how an egg can lay on an axe?

She wanted to hatch.

14. How do you describe an egg that enjoys going on safari?

An egg-poorer!

15. After someone bumped into the egg, what did it say?

Egg-Scuse me!

16. What would make the farmer refuse to let the hen in?

She keeps laying deviled eggs!

17. When the chicken crossed the road, why did it take so long?

There was no egg-press lane!

18. In terms of eggs, what is the worst crime?


19. What do you call a mischievous egg?

A practical yolker!

20. The chicken with high cholesterol was told what by the doctor?

“Try to lay eggs for a while!”

21. Eggs regret being in omelets for what reason?

There was more to it than meets the eye!

22. What was the reason for the egg’s failure to pass its driving test?

He likes to eat eggs too much!

23. What was the motivational egg speaker’s slogan?

Sunny side up!

24. What did Snow White name her hen?

Egg white!

25. When the hen told her chick what to do, what did she say?

“Don’t you egg-nore me?”

26. A hen who was angry said what to her child. What did she say?

You’re such a rotten egg!

27. Why did the man steal his eggs?

He liked ’em poached.

28. On what day of the week does an egg have the least amount of happiness?


29. How did the rooster come up with the idea of a date with the hen?

He was feeling plucky!

30. Clown’s egg asked him what he wanted to know.

You crack me up.

31. When the egg passed its test, what did it say?

“Omelet smarter than I look!”

32. When the officer pulled the egg over for speeding, what did he say to it?

Omelettin it slides this time.

33. In such a short period of time, how did the hen get so much done?

She used the egg-press lane!

34. What sport are eggs most adept at?


35. What’s an egg’s favorite coffee type?

An espresso!

36. Why were the eggs running so fast?

They were afraid of beatings!

37. What caused the celebrity egg to lose her friends?

They called her a shell-out.

38. How does a hen leave its house?

Through the eggs-it.

39. Why was the egg late to school?

He didn’t study for the test.

40. Her illness was discovered by the omelet in what way?

She had medical eggs!

41. How do monsters like their eggs?


42. Why were the eggs running so fast?

They were afraid of beatings!

43. Chickens or eggs, which came first?

The dinosaurs.

44. Why did the Easter egg hide?

He was such a cute chicken!

45. What happened to the chickens at school?

He egg-pulled!

46. Why did the egg cross the road?

To get to the Shell station!

47. Does a chef mean what he or she says?

He beat all the eggs.

48. Who makes the best egg puns?

The comedy hens!

49. The chicken came home from the farm feeling tired. How did it feel?


50. Don’t I have the most hilarious egg puns?

I can be a comedy-hen.

51. How has your hair changed since you last did it?

You look extraordinary!

52. Eggs that snooze at work are called snoozers, right?

Eggs – Austen.

53. It was really strange to see an egg behave in such a way today.

He must have been egg-centric.

54. In a field earlier today, I saw a sign saying, ‘Free Range Eggs.’ I had never heard of Range Eggs before, but at least they were free.

55. Rather than put all my eggs in one basket, I have decided to put them all in one basket. Walking around the supermarket just makes me feel silly.

56. A joke was cracked by an egg in a bar.

He left behind a mess.

57. A strangely shaped egg caught my eye when I was at the store today. Now I can’t find them.

I think they’ve been misled.

58. In the middle of the road, the chicken stopped for no apparent reason.

For the sake of laying it on the line.

59. With a fried egg on his head, a boy walks into a house.

In response, their mother asks, “Why do you have a fried egg on your head? A boiled egg falls off your head.” The boy replies, “Because boiled eggs fall off your head.”

60. My dear old Grandpa gave me some advice while I was visiting him the other day. You can’t make an omelet…”

“Without breaking eggs?” I asked. “No. As he scraped it into the garbage, he said, “You can’t make an omelet.”.

61. Why did the eggs come to school?

So they could become egg-educated.

62. What is an egg’s favorite tree?

The mighty oak.

63. What are some signs that the barn is getting too hot?

The hens lay hard-boiled eggs.

64. All of the eggs that penguins lay are kept in the refrigerator, so where are they kept?

Inside an egg loo.

65. What was the purpose of rinsing her chick’s mouth with soap?

He used foul language.

66. When there are 25 million eggs in a city, what do you call it?

New York City.

67. Why don’t dinosaurs lay eggs?

They’re egg-distinct.

68. Do you know any funny egg jokes?

I’ve got a dozen of them.

69. What does a demonic hen lay?

Deviled eggs.

70. There was a hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast in a bar…

The bartender said, “Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast here.”

71. What’s a hen’s favorite shopping company?

Federal Egg-Press.

72. What does a meditation egg say?

“Oh, let.”

73. Who wrote it? Is the book Great Egg-expectations the work of

Charles Chickens.

74. What do you call a self-obsessed egg?

An egomaniac.

75. How do you describe an egg that refuses to hatch?

An egg-phobic.

76. Why did the chicken crack the safe?

To get to her nest egg.

77. How do chickens get stronger and stronger?

They egg-size every day.

78. Why are eggs terrible at puns?

They always mix up their yokes!

79. Did you try the digital egg padlock?

It’s very easy to crack the code.

80. What was the purpose of the chef cooking his eggs on the golf course?

Because he wanted them parboiled.

Funniest Egg Puns

When it was time to break from the jokes, we rounded up a few puns from around the internet. Your coworkers will probably roll their eyes, but your kids will applaud your creative abilities. See what we did there?

  1. That’s cracking
  2. Egg-citing
  3. Don’t yolk for me
  4. I might whisk it! Whisk it well!
  5. You’re poaching my finest yolks
  6. You’re such a rotten egg
  7. Happy Fry Day!
  8. Don’t be such a chicken
  9. You’re so hard-boiled
  10. Are you egg-ignoring me?
  11. Stay on the sunny side up
  12. That’s cracking
  13. Omelettin this slide
  14. Don’t you like my egg-cellent jokes?
  15. Let’s hatch a plan.
  16. You’re such a practical girl!
  17. Egg safety
  18. Shell shock


What do you call a smart egg?

What do you call a smart omelet? An egghead! The fourth point. Her illness was discovered by the omelet in what way? She had a medical egg-am.

What is the history of eggs?

In the past 6 million years, humans have eaten raw eggs from the nests of wild birds, according to food historians. Ancient Egypt and Ancient China are thought to have domesticated hens before Indian jungle birds were domesticated for egg production by 3200 BC

What is a funny term for eggs?

Bum nut noun: an egg.

Who first ate an egg?

Approximately six million years ago, people began eating eggs. Eggs were first taken from wild nests and eaten raw by the first humans. The first egg cannot be traced back to its eater. According to researchers, Egyptians and Chinese were the first to keep hens

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