Fantasy Names of Girls and Boys

Fantasy Names of Girls and Boys

Feeling like your head is in the clouds? You’re dreaming up a fantasy, aren’t you? Then you’re probably looking for fantasy-inspired fantasy names of girls and boys. Perhaps you enjoy otherworldly games and fantasy fiction. Playing or writing about fantastically unique characters may be one of your favorite activities. The name struggle can be hard. and fun, whether you’re naming your next precious babe or the protagonist in your next novel. The options for names are endless – both good and bad. What is your selection process? Where will you land?

Fantasy is a genre known for its unique and fantastic names. Among the many worlds filled with amazing names is The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. Daenerys probably wasn’t familiar to you when you were growing up. Here’s your chance to give your child a name no one else has. Obviously, the name does not make the child, and they will embark upon their own journey, but it’s nice to give them a magical start. Write down the names that speak to your heart instead of flipping through a baby book. Check out our list if you prefer. Just to make sure it has a nice ring, you can still have your movie night.

Girl Names Inspired

The world of fantasy allows you to be whoever you want, which also means you can choose whichever name you want. A great name doesn’t help you win your dungeon and dragons game, but it does set the criteria for your character. The name of your figurine is the first thing others learn about them, so it’s important to choose one that reflects their flair, style, and grace. Do you think your character has the heart of Katniss Everdeen and the combat skills of Han Solo? Make your own title by mixing and matching these names. Katniss Han! That’s what we’re thinking!

Amazing authors and lovely characters have already taken some of the best names. However, that doesn’t mean they’re off-limits! Give your own headstrong girl named Hermione a name rooted in fantasy and based on a strong female character. If you raise a kid with a name that has otherwise negative connotations, like Anakin (Darth Vader), thefantasy names of girls and boys will be transformed. It’s possible that the name you really want isn’t even listed here. This isn’t about World of Warcraft names, dragon names, or fairy names… all of which are equally great.

You’ll find plenty of options below, though. Would you choose any of these fantasy names (including elf names!) for your next beloved being?

Looking to add more fantasy to your life? We’ve got Harry Potter pickup lines, jokes, and trivia for you!

Fantasy Names From Pop Culture For Boys

  1. Aldwin/Aldwyn
  2. Anakin
  3. Atreyu
  4. Artemis
  5. Bastian
  6. Ben
  7. Bronn
  8. Cullen
  9. Daario
  10. Draco
  11. Eddard
  12. Emmett
  13. Eowyn
  14. Falkor
  15. Faramir
  16. Finn
  17. Gandalf
  18. Gendry
  19. Gregor
  20. Han
  21. Jaime
  22. Jaqen
  23. Jorah
  24. Kylo
  25. Legolas
  26. Loras
  27. Luke
  28. Oberyn
  29. Obi
  30. Petyr
  31. Pippin
  32. Poe
  33. Ramsay
  34. Ren
  35. Rool
  36. Roose
  37. Samwise
  38. Sandor
  39. Sirius
  40. Shasta
  41. Stannis
  42. Sulu
  43. Theon
  44. Tirian
  45. Tormund
  46. Tyrion
  47. Tywin
  48. Tumun
  49. Willow
  50. Bode

Fantasy Names From Pop Culture For Girls

  1. Olenna
  2. Ornela
  3. Osha
  4. Padme
  5. Pansy
  6. Raziel
  7. Rey
  8. Ripley
  9. Sansa
  10. Shae
  11. Sorsha
  12. Sybil
  13. Amidala
  14. Aravis
  15. Arwen
  16. Arya
  17. Astoria
  18. Bellatrix
  19. Brienne
  20. Catelyn
  21. Cersei
  22. Cherlindrea
  23. Daenerys
  24. Elora
  25. Fleur
  26. Galadriel
  27. Gen
  28. Gilly
  29. Hermione
  30. Jadis
  31. Katniss
  32. Lavender
  33. Leia
  34. Luna
  35. Margaery
  36. Melisandre
  37. There aren’t many female characters in Lord of the Rings, and Merry is one of the few.)
  38. Minerva
  39. Missandei
  40. Morla
  41. Nymphadora
  42. Nyota
  43. Willow
  44. Ygritte
  45. Kinsey
  46. Aalya
  47. Aerin
  48. Allyrion
  49. Ammae
  50. Apperford
  51. Arinalue
  52. Arrely
  53. Arwynn
  54. Ashford
  55. Aurola
  56. Avilyn
  57. Avitihne
  58. Bancey
  59. Bayle
  60. Beatsarda
  61. Beesbury
  62. Beicaryn
  63. Camyla
  64. Crane
  65. Daedi
  66. Donnis
  67. Durwell
  68. Eilgolor
  69. Elbereth
  70. Elrora
  71. Elyana
  72. Esalen
  73. Estel
  74. Esther
  75. Eyva
  76. Faenys
  77. Gaenzira
  78. Garner
  79. Gifmedha
  80. Gislila
  81. Glynrie
  82. Gresnalyn
  83. Haleth
  84. Halyziar
  85. Helehorn
  86. Herdan
  87. Jaidyn
  88. Jelissa
  89. Joansevel
  90. Johvis
  91. Keyvyre
  92. Kririah
  93. Laerra
  94. Leodove
  95. Lia
  96. Liamyar
  97. Liayra
  98. Maryana
  99. Melian
  100. Meya
  101. Mirazumin
  102. Morwen
  103. Norrey
  104. Norydark
  105. Ololar
  106. Oloxina
  107. Pabanise
  108. Parge
  109. Reyanna
  110. Reyanna
  111. Rina
  112. Sesa
  113. Shaed
  114. Siofra
  115. Sylvina
  116. Tallhart
  117. Taner
  118. Teflorna
  119. Teftrana
  120. Umezorwyn
  121. Valxina
  122. Vicraera
  123. Virdan
  124. Waker
  125. Wynna
  126. Yinlee
  127. Yvkiasha

Another girl’s Fantasy Names

  1. Caldor
  2. Ciscra
  3. Dagen
  4. Darwin
  5. Delvin
  6. Dracyian
  7. Drusilla
  8. Akibrus
  9. Aleera
  10. Alva
  11. Angus
  12. Balrus
  13. Breya
  14. Bulruk
  15. Lunarex
  16. Mireille
  17. Nyssa
  18. Olwyn
  19. Peregrine
  20. Remus
  21. Rorik
  22. Shikha
  23. Soil
  24. Tortilla
  25. Zarek


How do you pick a fantasy character’s name?

Make them memorable.
Look for meaning.
Lend names meaning.
Make them fit.
Keep the names reader-friendly.
Keep character names distinct.
Give your main characters nicknames.
Keep pronunciation in mind.

What are the most overused names for girls?


Do girls play fantasy?

Women make up nearly 38% of fantasy football participants and represent the fastest-growing demographic. The fantasy football community has traditionally been characterized as a very masculine one, and this is a very unique phenomenon

What fantasy name means love?

Mina. Mina is a German name that means love. Fantasy tales have used the name Mina, such as Dracula, which introduced Mina Harker.

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