Top 100 Hawaiian Last Names and Their Means

Top 100 Hawaiian Last Names and Their Means

Hawaiian last names provide a great connection to our family’s past. There were no last names among Hawaiian natives at first. It was a requirement for everyone to have one following their first name during Western colonization. This resulted in the conversion of many Hawaiian and Japanese given names into family surnames. There are Hawaiians with English surnames, Japanese surnames, Chinese surnames, and Korean surnames. Names from western languages are translated into Hawaiian last names.

When we think of Hawaii, we see images of people surfing, hibiscus flowers, and white sand beaches. It is reflected in their names that the Hawaiians are deeply connected to the sea, land, and nature. We’ve compiled a list of Hawaiian last names that prove it.

A list of 100 Hawaiian surnames and family names with meanings

Here are some popular Hawaiian last names:

1. Ailana

“Ailana” is used in different cultures to mean different things, but in Hawaiian, it means “loving”.

2. Aka

“Aka” is of Hawaiian origin and means “noble”.

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3. Akamai

As a result, “Akamai” means “smart”, “clever”, or “wise”.

4. Akamu

“From Adam comes the Hawaiian name Akamu, which means “of the earth ”.

5. Akana

Hawaiian last names are very common and mean “bright ”.

6. Akina 

“Akina” means bright and autumnal. It is also a popular Japanese last name. 

7. Alama

“Alama” is also a commonly used last name; it means “earth and eternity”.

8. Alana

Hence, this name means “arise” or “awakening”.

9. Alika

“Alika” means “the most beautiful”.

10. Alohi

The name “Alohi” means “Shining”. 

11. Anela

“Engel” is commonly used in Hawaiian-speaking countries, and its meaning is “angel”.

12. Aukai

“Aukai” is a popular Hawaiian surname, meaning “sailor”.

13. Ele

The meaning of the name is “black”. 

14. Etana

This robust name literally means “strong”. 

15. Eusebio

The name “Eusebio” means “worship well”. 

16. Haku

A poem or song is written in Hawaiian using a word called “Haku.”.

17. Hawea

The name means “peacemaker”. 

18. Hale

It is a short and beautiful Hawaiian name that means “home” or “house”.

19. Halia

“Halia” is a Hawaiian name meaning “memorial”.

20. Haoa

“Hooa” is the Hawaiian name for Howard, and it means “exalted protector”, “chief” or “chief guardian”.

21. Haukea

The pretty Hawaiian name “Haukea” means “white snow”, and is derived from the Hawaiian words “hau” and “kea”.

22. Havika

“Hivika” is Hawaiian in origin and means “beloved”.

23. Hekekia

Named after the Hebrew name Hezekiah, this Hawaiian name means “Yahweh strengthens”.

24. Hikialani

In Hawaiian culture, the name means “look up to heaven.”.

25. Ikaika

“Ikaika” is a Japanese name that means “strong”, “powerful”, or “determination”.

26. Illima

The origin of the name “Illima” is a small shrub of the genus Sida 

27. Inoa

“Inoa” means “of the virgin Mary”.

28. Inoke

“Tooke” is a Hawaiian surname that means “devoted”.

29. Iokua

In Hawaiian, “Iokua” refers to Joshua, the Hebrew name. The Hebrew name Joshua is composed of two words; “Yahweh” meaning “God” and “sha” meaning “to deliver”. It also means “God is salvation”.

30. Iona

The name has Hawaiian origins and means “a gift from God ”.

31. Ionakana

The name is a modified version of “Iona” and means “a gift from God”. 

32. Iosua

Joshua is the Hawaiian version of the name, which means “God is salvation”.

33. Isaia

This is a Hawaiian version of the name “Isaiah” and it means “To deliver to God”. 

34. Ka’ana’ana

Ka’ana’ana is believed to have Hawaiian origins, meaning “the black magic”. The name is perfect if you’re looking for a Hawaiian name with a dark meaning.

35. Ka’aukai

It is believed that the Hawaiian name “Ka’aukai” means “the swimmer.”.

36. Kahale

“Kahale” means “the house” in Hawaiian and is a very common name.

37. Kahananui

“Kahananui” means “hard work” and is derived from the Hawaiian words “ka” meaning “the”, “Hana” meaning “work”, and “nui” meaning “big”.

38. Kahele

Kahele is a Hawaiian name that means “to go”.

39. Kahie

The name is of Hawaiian origin and means “superb”. 

40. Kahue

It is believed that this name means “the gourd ”.

41. Kai

“Kai” means “sea” in Hawaiian, and it is a beautiful and short last name.

42. Kainoa

The name means “father’s namesake”.

43. Kaiwi

Hawaiian surnames symbolize “life and old age ”.

44. Kalama

The Hawaiian word kalama means “flaming torch” or “the torch.” The name sounds quite powerful.

45. Kalani

This Hawaiian name has multiple meanings but the most popular one is “heaven”. 

46. Kalawaia

“Kalawai’a” comes from two Hawaiian words, “ka” meaning “the”, and “Hawai’i” meaning “fisherman”.

47. Kalili

“ Kalili” consists of two words, “ka” meaning “the” and “Lili” meaning “jealousy”.

48. Kalua

“Kalua” means “the companion”.

49. Kama

“With so many origins, the name Kama means both “child” and “person”.

50. Kamealoha

“Kamialoha” means “the beloved one”. It is formed from the Hawaiian words “ka” meaning “the”, “me” meaning “thing”, and “aloha” meaning “love”.


51. Kane

“Kane” is of Japanese, Welsh, and Hawaiian origin, and its Hawaiian meaning is “man of the eastern sky”.


52. Kapule

“The Hawaiian word “capsule” refers to “magic” or “prayer”.

53. Ka’uhane

“Ka’uhane” refers to “the spirit” or “the soul”. “Ka” means “the” and “change” means “spirit”.

54. Kawai

‘Kawai’ means “the water”.

55. Keahi

“Keahi” is a Hawaiian name meaning “fire” or “flames”.

56. Keaka

“Keaka” means “God’s gracious gift”.

57. Kealani

As the Hawaiian word “Kealani” implies, the name means “white heaven” or “clear heaven”.

58. Kealoha

The Hawaiian word Kealoha means “love”. “Ke” means “the” and “aloha” means “love” in Hawaiian.

59. Keawe

In Hawaiian, the name has several meanings. An ancient chief is believed to have been given the name “southern cross” after the cross in the southern hemisphere. The other meaning is “the bearer”.

60. Kekoa

“ Kekoa” means “the warrior” in Hawaiian, and it has a powerful-sounding meaning.

61. Keli’i

“Keli’i” comes from Hawaiian, where it means “the chief”.

62. Keona

“Keona” originated in Hawaii and means “sweet fragrance”.

63. Konani

“Konani” is derived from Hawaiian and means “bright”.

64. Lani

This short and sweet Hawaiian name means “heaven”. 

65. Lee

This common surname means “shelter from wind given by a neighboring object” in Hawaiian culture. 

66. Leilani

“Leilani” means “heavenly flower”.

67. Leimomi

“Leimomi” means pearl child in Hawaiian and is a beautiful option.

68. Leo

This common name means “voice” in Hawaiian. 

69. Like ke

“Likeke” is the Hawaiian version of the German name “Richard” and means “powerful” or “brave”.

70. Lilo

According to Hawaiian culture, the name means “generous one ”.

71. Luda

“Luda” means “love of people”. 

72. Lui

“A popular Hawaiian name, Lui means “famous warrior”.

73. Mahelona

The name “Mahelona” is the Hawaiian form of the Biblical name “Mahlon” which means “a harp” or “pardon”.

74. Mahoe

The Hawaiian name “Mahoe” means “twins”. 

75. Mahi’ai

“Mahi’ai” means “farmer”. The name is also believed to be a variation of the English name “George”.

76. Makaio

The meaning of this popular Hawaiian name is “gift of God ”.

77. Makali

Makali is derived from Hawaiian, and it means “small eyes”.

78. Maliah

“Maliah” is Hawaiian for “rebelliousness”, “sea of bitterness” or “beloved”.

79. Mana

As a Hawaiian name, “Mana” means “spirit”.

80. Manu

In Sanskrit, the name Manu means “bird”.

81. Maui

This short name means “trickster god” in Hawaiian culture. 

82. Mililani

“Mililani” means “love from heaven”. 

83. Moana

“Montana” means “sea” or “ocean”, and it is believed to be Hawaiian in origin.

84. Nainoa

This brave name means “The one who guards small children”. 

85. Nakamura

Hawaiians adopted the name from the Japanese and it means “middle village ”.

86. Nani

This short and sweet name means “beautiful”.

87. Noelani

The charming name “Noelani” means “heavenly mist”.

88. Okalani

The name means “heaven”.

89. Olina

This Hawaiian name means “joyous”.

90. Palakiko

As early as the 1920s, Hawaii had the largest population of “Palakikos ”. It means “Frenchman”.

91. Palapala

“Palapala” means “deed” in Hawaiian.

92. Pele

“Pele” simply means “to peel”.

93. Peleke

The name “Peleke” means “peaceful ruler”.

94. Pualani

“Pualani” comes from Hawaiian and means “royal offspring” or “heavenly flower”.

95. Sophia

This name has Greek origins and means “wisdom”. 

96. Ualoheke

This name means “it’s gone” in Hawaiian.

97. Urima

“Urima” means “fruit of the earth”.

98. Wailani

“Wailani” comes from Hawaiian and means “heavenly water”.

99. Wong

The name is of Chinese origin and means “king ”.

100. Zariyah

This name means “God has favored”

Hawaiian family names reflect the beauty of Hawaiian culture. In the list above, you are sure to find a good Hawaiian last name.


How do Hawaiian last names work?

In Hawaii, the U.S. Postal Service required people to use surnames in 1850. In some families, the children take their father’s given name as their surname. There are also those who use the patronymic for two or three generations before changing the surname again.

Why do Hawaiians have long last names?

It was required that all Hawaiian children be given a Christian, i.e. English, given name. Hawaiian names were transferred to middle names. 1967 was the year when the law was repealed.

What is the significance of Hawaiian names?

In addition to commemorating living people and deceased ones, names were also used to identify significant events or individuals in a family’s history. An ancestral guardian spirit, or aumakua, would give Hawaiian names to members of the newborn’s family in dreams at night.

What is the Hawaiian longest last name?

Janice “Lokelani” has a surname that consists of 35 letters plus an okina, a mark used in the Hawaiian alphabet

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