The Funniest Dirty Pig Jokes-Top 75+

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Farmers will laugh at these pig puns and jokes. There is a whole new level of silliness when it comes to owning or being a pig. Pigs are not only hilarious but also super interesting creatures. The sound of a pig can be as loud as that of a supersonic airliner, and it can run up to 11 mph. It’s important to remember that pigs are highly intelligent even though they may not appear as such. Some primates and young children have higher IQs than dogs. If you have a pig lover in your house, don’t be afraid to share these jokes with them. And, if you don’t? This collection of puns should still amuse you.

Please don’t let your lack of swine love to ruin your fun. In addition to cow jokes, dog jokes, and llama jokes are also available. You can also avoid animal jokes if you don’t like them for some strange reason. Preschoolers will enjoy pumpkin and ghost jokes. You will also enjoy some of the jokes that are more suitable for your adult friends. Essentially, we offer everything fun and silly under one roof.

A Collection of Hilarious Puns and Jokes About Pigstop

Pig Jokes One Liner

  1. Why was the pig a pathological liar? It’s a porcine ability disorder.

2. Is there anything you can say to an overbearing pig? Stop porcine being the issue.

3. A procrastinating pig: what do you say? Listen, bud, it’s snout or never.

4. How do you make a pig happy on his birthday? Throw him a sow-prize party.

5. Pigs celebrate their birthdays by celebrating what? The day they were born.

6. Why was the pig crying? Because he was brought to tears.

Dirty Pig Jokes One-Liner

1. Can you tell me what the first line of the pig bible is? “In the bacon-ing…”

2. When the pig saw a fork in the road, what did it do? It chose a less traveled path.

3. What do you call an imaginary pig? A figment of your imagination.

4. What do pigs use as soap? Hogwash.

5. What’s a pig’s favorite holiday? Ar-Boar Day.

Farmers’ Pig Jokes

1. Did you hear about the piglets who wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day?

They threw a sow prize party.

2. How do you refer to a laundromat for pigs?


3. I saw a pig with laryngitis.

He was disgruntled.

4. What do you call a pig thief?

A hamburger.

5. What are the reasons why you should never rob a bank with a pig?

They always squeal.

6. How do pigs get to the hospital?

In ham-balanced.

7. How do pigs write top-secret messages?

With invisible ink!

8. Why do pigs make awful football players?

“Pig skin” is not a favorite toy for them.

9. Why are pigs, poor basketball players?

They hog the ball.

10. What happens when you cross a pig with a cactus?

A porky pine.

11. Is there a reason why the piglet yelled at his sibling at dinner?

She hogged the food.

12. The pigs jumped out of a tree on me as I walked through the farm.

It was a hammock.

13. What do you call a Spanish pig?


14. How do pigs spend their free time after school?


15. When you cross a pig with a centipede, what do you get?

Bacon and legs.

Dumb Pig Jokes

16. Pigs competing in athletic games are called what?

The Olympians.

17. The pig went to the casino for what reason?

To play the slot machine!

18. What do you give a sick pig?


19. How do you describe a pig who practices karate?

A pork chop.

20. When Papa Pig was driving his kids, what did he shout at them?

“Stop swinging! We’re nearly there.”

21. What is the process by which a young pig hits on someone?

Netflix and beer are on the menu.

22. Whenever an obstinate piglet confronts his mother, what does he say?

“So what?”

23. Can you tell me what the two pigs said to each other?

Let’s be pen pals.

24. How does a dinosaur cross with a pig?

Jurassic pork.

25. Isn’t it funny how the pig opened a pawn shop?

He called it “Ham Hocks.”

26. Ballet has been taught to pigs by a local farmer.

The production of swine lake will be interesting to me.

27. Why was the piglet whining?

He was bored out of his brain.

28. How do you describe a pig that does a lot of charity work?


29. On a warm summer day, what did the pig say?

“I’m a bacon.”

30. The anatomy of pigs was described in a story I read.

The story seemed straightforward until I discovered a twist.

Fat Pig Jokes

31. What happened when the pig pen broke?

Pig pencils were used.

32. Pigs who play basketball are called what?

A ball hog.

33. How do you treat an itchy pig?


34. When a pig has no legs, what do you call it?

A groundhog.

35. Is there a reason why the pig broke up with her boyfriend?

Because he was a boar.

36. The result of crossing a tortoise and a pig?

Slow cooking pork

37. When you play tug-of-war with a pug, what happens?

Pulled pork!

38. At the football game, why was the pig given a red card?

For playing dirty.

39. A pig won the lottery. What do you call him?

Filthy and rich.

40. Is there anything the little piglet wants from the swine?

A piggyback ride home.

41. When a pig answers the test incorrectly, what do you call him?

Mistaken bacon.

42. Where do flying pigs go?

Hogwarts, of course!

43. When a pig drives recklessly, what do you call it?

A roadhog.

44. Halloween outfits for pigs are the most common. What is your favorite?

Frankening wine.

45. When the wolf grabbed the pig’s tail, what did the pig say?

“That’s the end of me!”

Smart Pig Jokes

46. When pigs greet their families and friends, how do they do it?

With hogs and kisses.

47. On February 14th, what do pigs do?

They have a valentines dinner.

48. Pigs with three eyes are called three-eyed pigs.

A pig!

49. When a pig is crossed with Superman, what do you get?

The Man of Squeal.

50. When a pig can’t keep his mouth shut, what do you call him?

A nosey porker!

51. Knock, knock!

Who’s there? Pig… Pig who? Embrace someone your own size!

52. When a guinea pig becomes a mafia member, what do you call it?

A hamster

53. My aunt lets her pigs out in the field every year in the 5th month…

It’s Mayhem!

54. Is it true that the Post Office was run by a pig?

He was the first workmaster general.

55. How do pigs get to the hospital?

An ambulance.

Rude Pig Jokes

56. When a beautiful woman tricks you into giving her a pig, what do you call it?

A bad con.

57. What happens if you pick the nose of a pig?

Ham are boogers.

58. Have you heard that the horse and the pig are dating?

They’re in a stable relationship.

59. Pigs like what kind of ice cream?

Hoggin Daz!

60. After a pig eats a watermelon, what is left?

Pork rinds.

61. Is there a reason why the teen pig took so long to get ready for school in the morning?

When it came to choosing what to wear, she was very picky!

62. When asked why introverted pigs dislike socializing, what did they say?

“I’m not a people porcine.”

63. How did grandpa pig advise his grandchildren?

“Don’t take anything for granted.”

Dirty Pig Jokes for Adults

64. Where do pigs keep their money? Of course, in the piggy bank.

65. The term collab-boar-action refers to pigs working together.

66. Pigs become boar owners when they take out loans.

67. It is possible for pigs to go into hocks when they live high on the hog.

68. Why did the pig get fired? Insu-boar-dination.

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